Bond Psychometric test

Bond Psychometric test

8 months ago by Robert

Bond University, in order to distinguish themselves from other universities’ entry criteria, has chosen to use a Psychometric test. ‘Psychometric test’ is a very broad term and can include a test of both cognitive and non-cognitive attributes. What Bond University uses for their medical program is the non-cognitive type: that is, it assesses personality. Specifically Bond University uses the MSCEIT and NEO-PI-3 tests.

The Bond Psychometric test, which is undertaken by candidates at no cost to the university, reduces the expense to the university by reducing the number of students that they need to interview.

The Bond Psychometric test is like no other test you would have faced and most people who attempt the test say "it was weird". The only test which comes close to the Bond Psychometric test is section 2 of the UMAT (precursor to the UCAT). The UCAT Situational Judgement test, although helpful, is very different.

The test designers, test administrators and some psychologists will tell you that the questions don't have any 'right answers', and that you should go with your ‘gut instinct’. This is as helpful as and is analogous to saying to a young Wimbledon championship hopeful: “Just play the way you like”.

Since only half of those invited to sit this test end up receiving an interview offer, how does Bond University determine your eligibility?

The answers they are looking for are pre-chosen to generate a specific character profile and personality type. Those who are near this ideal personality type are selected, and those who deviate most from it, are rejected. Broadly, the attributes Bond University is looking for, are the same attributes that they use for selection during the interview.

The test administrators rely on the fact that most people, in their self-assessments, inflate their cognitive abilities by a small margin, but tend to inflate their non-cognitive abilities by a significant margin (hence don't see the need to prepare).

It is important to note that if you fail the Psychometric test, you can't resit in the following year. You have to wait for two years. This is another reason to ensure you perform your best by undergoing training offered by MedEntry.

MedEntry has over two decades of experience in training for emotional intelligence and personality assessments. We engage academic psychologists with extensive expertise in cognitive and non-cognitive assessments when developing our preparation resources.

Our focus is not on 'gaming' the Psychometric test: rather, it is about recognising desirable attributes and gradually adjusting your personality. This not only helps with assessments such as interviews and the Bond Psychometric test, but will also help you to become a better person and doctor. Trainability of Emotional Intelligence is well established in Psychology (J Intell, 2020, 8, 18).

Bond Uni Medicine Key Dates:

27 Jan 2022: QTAC applications close

4 Feb 2022: Psychomteric testing invitations to selected candidates

7 Feb 2022: Psychometric Test Training

8-14 Feb 2022: Psychometric testing online

18 Feb 2022: Interview invitations to selected candidates

23 Feb 2022: Medical Interview Strategy with Dr Ray

24,25,27,28 Feb 2022: Mock Interviews

1-4 March 2022: Interviews conducted

11 March 2022: Med school offers made

16 May 2022: Classes commence

MedEntry offers the following four services to help students with the Bond Interview:

  • Bond University Psychometric Test session (10am to 4:30pm on 7 February), which discusses how to answer the questions presented to maximise your chances of obtaining a place
  • Medical Interview Strategy Day with Dr Ray (23 February): 9:30am to 3:30pm
  • Bond University Mock Interview with feedback (about 4 hours) on 25, or 28 Feb (you choose one of these two dates): 9am to 1pm.
  • Interview Guides and Resources: Access an 8-module, comprehensive interview curriculum, an interactive MMI Question Bank to practice your skills and exclusive university-specific interview information. An additional module (Module 9) deals with emotional intelligence which is useful for the Bond Psychometric Test.

Further details on the above here.

You will be able to book these sessions in the Shop after you login.



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