Bonded Medical Program Changes

Bonded Medical Program Changes

3 years ago by Rob

Changes have been made to the Bonded Medical Program (BMP), which will affect students applying to study medicine in 2020 and onwards.

The key change involves graduates needing to work in rural or remote areas for three years, rather than the previous one year.

The purpose of Bonded Medical Programs is to meet the demand for doctors in areas which have workforce shortages, particularly rural and remote areas of Australia. The Government provides students with a Commonwealth supported medical place in return for a commitment to work in areas of need for a specified period.

All students entering medicine from 2020 will enter under the new arrangements, and those who are already part of the scheme can opt into the new arrangements.

Further information can be found at:


  • We recommend that you put CSP (Commonwealth Supported Place) as your first preference and BMP as a second preference. You will not gain any advantage if you put BMP ahead of CSP in your preferences list. If you are ranked highly, you will be offered the CSP place; if you are ranked lower, you will be given the BMP place
  • Full fee medical places at public universities are only available in Graduate entry medical schools (eg at Melbourne and Macquarie), so it is not relevant for school leavers. This is due to the Government ban on full fee places for first degrees.

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