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There has been an update to the structure and content of UCAT, which will apply to anyone sitting UCAT ANZ in 2023.

For a summary of changes that occurred for UCAT ANZ 2022, see our blog.


Summary of the changes

Here’s a summary of the changes to UCAT ANZ 2023:

  • UCAT Situational Judgement: the number of questions has increased by three (from 66 up to 69), while timing remains the same at 26 minutes. Interestingly, this is a direct reversion of the change that occurred in 2022 to UCAT Situational Judgement, where the number of questions was decreased by 3.
  • Other sections (UCAT Verbal Reasoning, UCAT Decision Making, UCAT Abstract Reasoning and UCAT Quantitative Reasoning) remain the same.
  • The overall length of time to complete UCAT is the same.


Changes to UCAT Situational Judgement

The only update to UCAT ANZ 2023 so far is in UCAT Situational Judgement. The number of questions in UCAT Situational Judgement has increased by three.

Although the number of questions in the UCAT Situational Judgement subtest has increased by three, there has been no change to the timing. This means that candidates will have less time to answer UCAT Situational Judgment questions, averaging a reduction of one less second per question.

Interestingly, last year in UCAT ANZ 2022, there was a reduction in the number of questions in UCAT Situational Judgement by three, without a change in timing. This year’s change therefore represents a direct reversion of last year’s change. It is likely that this is due to analysis of student performance from last year’s UCAT ANZ exam, which made it harder to distinguish the high performers from the low performers in UCAT Situational Judgement.


What to do now to get prepared for UCAT ANZ 2023

While the above changes may leave you feeling worried about the upcoming UCAT, it is important to realise that UCAT is an exam that is continually changing. For example, just a few years ago, the UCAT Decision Making subtest was completely different in terms of the style of questions.

MedEntry will be announcing any other changes made to the official UCAT exam as they occur and updating our UCAT practice exams accordingly, to ensure that our students are well prepared for UCAT 2023.



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