Community Portal

Community Portal

3 years ago by Rob

Community Portal

With purchase of an Online, Platinum or Diamond package, you join the MedEntry student community – one with shared goals and a history of success. To continue engagement and interaction between students in the community, MedEntry has developed a Community Portal, with new features being added regularly.

Currently, the Community Portal includes the following features:

Weekly Question

Every Monday, a sample question for one of the UCAT subtests will be displayed. MedEntry students can discuss their answer and reasoning. The worked solution will be displayed over the weekend.

Social Media

MedEntry’s UCAT & Interview Study Space Facebook group is a great place for you to ask questions or interact with other MedEntry students. Common topics include: tips for the UCAT and various question types, university offers, LMS updates, and many more. Current MedEntry students may join the group here:


Community Forums

The MedEntry LMS contains a full-featured discussion forum system, with various discussion areas including:

  • General UCAT Forum
  • Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement Forums
  • Interview Discussion Forum
  • University Admissions Forum
  • Social Forum
  • Suggestions Forum

Community Skills Games

MedEntry is developing a series of mini-games to help you hone important skills for UCAT.

The Quantitative Reasoning Arithmetic Trainer is a game where you can work on your speed mental arithmetic, and compete with other students.

More skills mini-games are currently being developed and will be released in early 2020. 

Latest Blog Posts

The Community Portal is also a great place to see some of MedEntry’s latest blog entries.

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