FREE Medical Interview Training for Rural South Australians!

FREE Medical Interview Training for Rural South Australians!

4 weeks ago by Chris

MedEntry is proud to partner with the government-funded Rural Doctors Workforce Agency (RDWA) to provide free Medical Interview Training to rural South Australians. 

Improving access to medical interview training for rural students is part of MedEntry's commitment to Australian healthcare, and to widening access into medicine.


What is RDWA?

RDWA, or the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency, is a government-funded organisation dedicated to providing a workforce to enhance the health and wellbeing of rural communities in South Australia.


Why does RDWA provide an Interview Skills Preparation Grant?

MedEntry provides discounted Interview Skills Training to RDWA, who in turn fund access for rural students. This results in eligible rural students being able to access MedEntry's Medical Interview Training free of charge.

Studies have shown that individuals who have experience living in rural and regional locations often return to these areas to pursue their professional careers. Therefore, there is a clear need to encourage students living in rural and regional priority areas and who are interested in studying medicine, to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor.

The purpose of the MedEntry-RDWA Interview Skills Training Grant is to help widen access into medicine for rural South Australians. RDWA recognises and supports young people living in rural South Australia to learn about and become interested in working in health careers.


What does the RDWA Interview Skills Training Grant involve?

MedEntry’s partnership with RDWA provides FREE MedEntry Medical Interview Training bundles for South Australian rural students looking to enter medicine.

The MedEntry Medical Interview Training bundle includes:

  • Strategy Day - A full day of medical interview skills training with Dr Ray Boyapati, medical entry expert, where you will learn key strategies, the interviewer’s mindset, how to answer questions effectively and more.
  • Mock interview - A half-day university-specific mock interview with multiple interviewers, plus verbal and written feedback to help you improve your technique
  • An extensive Interview Skills Guide that covers the whole spectrum of medical and dental interviews
  • An innovative MMI bank to help you practice, prepare, and understand the qualities of outstanding answers
  • Valuable university-specific questions and information to help you prepare for your interview


Am I eligible for a RDWA Interview Skills Training Grant?

To be eligible for the RDWA-MedEntry Interview Skills Training Grant, you will need to be a high school student currently studying year 12 and living in rural South Australia. A rural high school student lives in a town that is in the classification MM 2-7 of the Modified Monash Model (MMM).

To check whether your town is in the MM 2-7 location:

  1. Go to the following Doctor Connect website:
  1. In the Classification Filter, click on the box Modified Monash Model 2019
  1. Click on Find Address and in the drop-down box, type your address

This will give you the MMM rating for your area.

Applicants should display a strong passion for rural health and rural communities.


How can I apply for the RDWA UCAT Preparation Grant?

To apply for the RDWA Interview Skills Training Support grant, you will need to:

  1. Go to the RDWA University Interview Grant page:
  1. Read the information provided
  1. Click on Apply
  1. Complete the form with a parent or guardian

If you live in rural South Australia, wish to pursue a career in medicine and have a medical interview ahead of you, then seize this opportunity!



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