MedEntry Free Trial Now Available

MedEntry Free Trial Now Available

8 months ago by Chris

If you’re aiming for medicine, then you will need to excel in UCAT! UCAT is a very difficult test and is very different to any other test you will have sat in your academic career. It is therefore vital that you prepare for UCAT, particularly given its importance in selecting students into medicine in Australia.

Choosing the best way to prepare is an important decision, that can be difficult to make. Want to get a taste of what you can expect as a MedEntry student? Then check out our free trial! This trial is absolutely free and comes without obligations or the need for a credit card.

Here’s what the trial includes:


Diagnostic exam

The free trial includes a diagnostic UCAT practice exam covering all 5 UCAT sections. This online exam exactly replicates the platform that you will use on test day, including content, style and difficulty.

When you complete this UCAT practice exam, you will receive fully worked solutions to all questions so that you can understand why the right answer is right, and why you may have answered a particular question incorrectly. It also provides diagnostic feedback, allowing you to see where you stand and identify your strengths and weaknesses.



The free trial will provide you with limited access to MedEntry’s question bank. You will be able to choose the section and types of questions that you would like to practice, and try out some high-quality UCAT practice questions on a platform that exactly replicates the live UCAT. The QBank is a great way to work on your weakest sections and question types.


Skills trainers

The free trial provides you with access to MedEntry’s innovative and exclusive UCAT skills trainers. These fun, gamified skills trainers target specific skills that you need to excel in UCAT questions, such as speed reading, data interpretation and mental maths.. They help you develop not only your accuracy, but also your speed – both of which are key factors to UCAT success. These skills trainers help you develop the skills required to ace UCAT.



The free trial also enables you to access MedEntry’s UCAT Handbook. This comprehensive, 120+ page guide will help you understand how to get into medicine in Australia, including prerequisite subjects, everything you need to know about the UCAT and university admissions information. The handbook provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the UCAT and the latest requirements of medical schools. The handbook is ideal for students, parents and teachers who want to learn about the steps involved in reaching that goal of becoming a doctor!

Studies show that the best way to succeed in tests like UCAT is to start your preparation early. So what are you waiting for? Kick start your UCAT prep with MedEntry’s free trial today.



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