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MedEntry’s highly anticipated, game-changing, brand-new UCAT online learning platform is almost here! Global leaders in IT, educational technology, design and UCAT have collaborated to create the most intuitive, personalised and engaging UCAT platform available. This platform has been the culmination of years of planning, months of design and weeks of testing.

The platform will be released in the coming days. Are you ready for it?

Let’s take a sneak peak.


New Features

The new online learning platform contains all of the features and content you have been using for your UCAT prep, plus more. Let’s explore the new features that will be available to you: 

My Journey

The My Journey page takes you through all the steps in your medical entry journey, providing you with a recommended, personalised study plan to maximise your chances of getting into medicine.



Badges & Awards

To encourage you to engage in UCAT preparation, you can now achieve badges and awards. Badges and awards are achieved by engaging in various UCAT prep activities, such as completing full UCAT exams, reviewing your attempts, engaging in discussions and achieving certain levels in UCAT skills trainers.



Error Log

An extremely valuable and highly-underrated UCAT preparation strategy is to reflect on why you answered questions incorrectly. The error log helps you to analyse your mistakes and create a plan for improvement. 




Recording notes and reflections is a very useful UCAT preparation strategy. On the new online learning platform, you can add notes to each question and learning resource, allowing you to easily revise. 




Group study is an under-rated and highly effective UCAT preparation strategy. The new online learning platform allows you to easily discuss learning resources and questions with other students.




The new search feature allows you to easily search all content on the MedEntry online learning platform, allowing you to quickly identify useful resources.



UCAT Exam & Subtest Mock Update

As you may be aware, there has been some structural changes to UCAT 2022, and there will be a new type of UCAT Situational Judgement question. When the new online platform is launched, unattempted UCAT exams and subtest mocks will have these changes reflected. 


New Skills Trainers

The Arithmetic trainer has been completely redesigned to help you quickly improve your mental maths skills. MedEntry is also pleased to be launching a brand new Syllogisms trainer, to help you with this difficult type of UCAT Decision Making question.


Dark Mode

The new platform has dark mode, which is a feature requested by many MedEntry students. This will allow you to continue your UCAT preparation at night and reduce eye strain.



Adjustments to Current Features

Some adjustments have been made to currently available features on the MedEntry online learning platform. The changes have been made to make the features more user-friendly, personalised and engaging. 

We know that change can sometimes take some getting used to, but we are confident that with a bit of practice, you will find the features significantly more beneficial for your UCAT prep. 

Let’s go through each of them to get you prepared: 


All of your UCAT practice questions, subtest mocks and exams are now contained within one area, the QBank. Click on the relevant tab to access your quizzes.




The analytics page displays your performance data. There are three parts to analytics: 

  • Performance: this section provides an overview of your performance in UCAT, including overall and for each UCAT subtest and question type 
  • History: this section allows you to access all of your previous attempts, across the QBank, subtest mocks and UCAT exams 
  • Error log: here you can view a summary of your errors and advice on how to address them

Note: all of your current progress and performance (in the curriculum, QBank, exams and subtest mocks) will be saved and transferred onto the new platform.


Skills Trainer Gamification

The skills trainers have undergone significant change with gamification. You will begin at the lowest level and then work your way up to higher and more challenging levels. 



Launch date and Downtime

The MedEntry team is in the final stages of testing - we want to make sure that the platform works correctly for all students before it is launched. We appreciate your patience during this time. 

There may be a short period of downtime (of up to a few hours) when the online learning platform is unavailable, so that student data can be migrated. If you can’t wait and need to do more UCAT prep, you can always work on the UCAT official resources (which we recommend you work through). Updates (including an announcement when the new platform is launched) will be available under the ‘Launch Online Platform’ button in your MedEntry account.

The MedEntry App will also be unavailable for a couple of weeks once the new online platform is launched, as it will need to be optimised to work with the new platform. But don’t worry, the new platform is fully mobile responsive, so you can continue your UCAT prep on your mobile, tablet or other device (simply log in using your browser). 


The new online learning platform has undergone rigorous testing. However, with any new system, issues can arise despite our best efforts. If you come across any issues or errors on the new platform, please contact us (ideally with screenshots) and our IT team will rectify the issue quickly. 

We are so excited to bring you this new online platform and hope that it will super-charge your UCAT preparation!


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