MedEntry Interview Training Now Available!

MedEntry Interview Training Now Available!

4 days ago by Chris

It’s an exciting moment to receive a medical interview offer, but does that excitement turn to nerves when you think of the actual medical interview? Does the thought of the medical interview fill you with panic?  You might worry that you will not be able to answer medical interview questions in the most articulate way, that you may say the wrong thing or even that you will just not be good enough.

To secure a place to study medicine or dentistry, you will need to succeed in your interview. Interviews are a very important part of the admissions criteria into medicine.


Choose preparation over panic

The best way to reduce nerves and ensure that you put forth your best self during the medical interview is to prepare. It is important to understand what interviewers are looking for, how to present yourself in an interview, and the types of medical interview questions you can expect.

Preparing for your medical interview will ensure you come across as confident, calm, genuine and motivated, rather than nervous or panicked.


Preparing for your medical interview

To help you be prepared for your medical interview, MedEntry offers expert interview training via the Medical Interview Training bundle. This includes:


  • A medical interview Strategy Day with Dr Ray

Take part in an online seminar with Dr Ray, Australia’s pre-eminent medical entry expert. You will learn key medical interview strategies, understand the mindset of the interviewer and hear about the questions, structure and emphasis of each university.  You will also learn what interviewers are looking for in candidates, common questions and how to answer them, as well as common mistakes made by interviewees. You will have a chance to interact with other students and ask Dr Ray any questions you have about medical interviews.


  • University-Specific Mock Interview with Feedback

This half day session will provide you with practice in answering medical interview questions specific to the particular university for which you have received an offer. You will receive verbal and written feedback from multiple interviewers. The sessions end with group feedback and discussion to help you consolidate your learning.  


  • Interview Guide and MMI bank

Immediately upon enrolment, you will be provided with comprehensive online resources that will help you kick-start your interview preparation. The Interview Guide covers topics such as assessment criteria, how to structure and add depth to your answer, how to answer specific questions, and much more.  You will also gain access to an innovative MMI bank to help you practice your interview skills. You can record yourself answering questions and view the recordings of other students, as well as access detailed interviewer notes.


For students wanting even more assistance with their interview, MedEntry also offers personalised, virtual interview tutoring with an interview tutor (note you must have a Medical Interview Training bundle to avail of this service).

MedEntry’s Medical Interview Training bundle provides comprehensive preparation which will allow yourself to excel in your interview. So, what are you waiting for?



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