New UCAT Video Guides Available for your UCAT 2020 Revision!

New UCAT Video Guides Available for your UCAT 2020 Revision!

3 years ago by Rob

UCAT ANZ 2020 will be proceeding in July! To help you revise, MedEntry is delighted to launch our brand new, interactive video guides which cover each of the five UCAT subtests.

MedEntry students have access to 25 UCAT video guides created with state of the art learning technology. These video guides will cover key strategies to help you answer each type of UCAT question quickly and accurately.

This table lists details of the video guides available for MedEntry students:


UCAT Subtest

UCAT Video Guides

UCAT Verbal Reasoning

Introduction to UCAT Verbal Reasoning

UCAT Verbal Reasoning Question Types

UCAT Verbal Reasoning Strategies

UCAT Verbal Reasoning Common Pitfalls

UCAT Decision Making

Introduction to UCAT Decision Making and Key Strategies

Strategies for UCAT Syllogisms Questions

Strategies for UCAT Interpreting Information Questions

Strategies for UCAT Recognising Assumptions Questions

Strategies for UCAT Logical Puzzles Questions

Strategies for UCAT Probabilistic Reasoning Questions

Strategies for UCAT Venn Diagrams Questions

UCAT Quantitative Reasoning

Introduction to UCAT Quantitative Reasoning

UCAT Mathematical Shortcuts and Techniques

Fractions, Ratios and Percentages Relating to UCAT

Other UCAT Relevant Mathematical Concepts

UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Strategies

UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Pitfalls

UCAT Abstract Reasoning

Introduction to UCAT Abstract Reasoning

Approach for Set A / B UCAT Questions

Common Patterns in UCAT Set A / B Questions

Strategies for UCAT Set A / B Questions

Strategies for UCAT Complete the Series and Statement Questions

UCAT Situational Judgement

Introduction to UCAT Situational Judgement

UCAT Situational Judgement Principles

UCAT Situational Judgement Strategies


For each UCAT subtest, you will be presented with an introductory video guide, which will cover basic principles including the structure, timing and scoring of the UCAT subtest. For example, here is an example of a slide discussing timing in UCAT Quantitative Reasoning:



The video guides will cover important principles and knowledge required to answer UCAT questions. For example, here is a slide discussing how Venn diagrams work, which is essential knowledge for the UCAT Decision Making subtest:



This slide discusses the importance of teamwork in medical professionalism, which is relevant for UCAT Situational Judgement:



The UCAT video guides will take you through the most effective approach for answering each type of UCAT question, step by step. This slide outlines how to approach UCAT Set A/B questions:



The UCAT video guides contain integrated quizzes, allowing you to attempt UCAT questions that demonstrate an important strategy or principle. This is an example of a UCAT Verbal Reasoning quiz:



The questions will then be discussed in detail, including how to answer the question quickly, accurately and effectively. Here is an example of a UCAT Decision Making Logical Puzzles solution:



The questions are used to illustrate important UCAT strategies and principles. Here is an example of a UCAT Quantitative Reasoning strategy:



Here is an example of a UCAT Abstract Reasoning mnemonic:



These comprehensive UCAT video guides cover everything you need to know about each of the UCAT subtests, and make revising for UCAT an interactive, engaging and fun process!



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