Personalised UCAT Study Planner Launched!

Personalised UCAT Study Planner Launched!

3 years ago by Rob

What do almost all students who achieve 99th centile in UCAT have in common?

They plan their UCAT study.

If you are sitting UCAT this year, chances are you are busy. You have school commitments, exams and extra-curricular activities to balance. With the added pressure of UCAT, it can all feel overwhelming.

The best way to manage all of these activities is to make a plan. In fact, almost every student who achieves a high score in UCAT plans their preparation in advance. MedEntry makes this easy with our new, interactive, personalised study planner.

The Study Planner allows you to create a schedule outlining your learning goals, including dates when you plan complete the UCAT resources.

For example, here is a possible study plan:

In this sample study plan, the student plans to complete a new curriculum module every Monday, two related practice drills on the Tuesday and a Subtest Mock on the Thursday. The student also plans to complete 2 full-length Practice Exams on a Sunday, when sufficient time is available.

As planned resources are completed, they are ticked off on the calendar. If they are not completed by the planned date, an exclamation icon appears. If the activity is in progress, a clock appears.

You can also view your results, access a resource, or review a quiz directly from the Study Planner:

Adding resources to the study planner

On the left side of the page, you will see a list of available Drills, Subtest Mocks, Exams, Curriculum Modules, and Exam Retries. Any resource that you have not yet completed will be available. Exam Retries are available once an attempt has been completed at a certain exam.

To add a resource to the study planner, simply click and drag a resource onto a certain date, as shown below:

You can also filter the list of available resources:

Viewing Completed Resources

The Study Planner also allows you to view all of the resources you have completed.

To see these details, toggle the Study Planner mode to Completed Activities:

Here, you can see which resource(s) you completed on each date, as well as your results.

On the left side, you can see which scheduled items were not completed by the planned date, and which are scheduled for completion in the next 14 days.

If you wish, you can obtain notifications for overdue resources.

We are excited to make this new resource available to our students, and hope you will find it valuable in your UCAT preparation!

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