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5 years ago by Rob

Unfortunately MedEntry has been forced to create this page to refute mistruths that are posted and spread by Dallas Gibson - an unscrupulous operator, serial bankrupt and con-man.

Among others, there are two allegations that are made by Gibson on the internet and on various forums using his numerous aliases. If you find posts with these allegations, bad mouthing MedEntry (or 'missed entry') and making references to his own websites, you can be sure that they are written by Gibson, using his various alias email addresses.


  1. MedEntry falsely claimed endorsements in the past. If you read the Federal Court judgement, you will notice that all such frivolous claims made by Gibson against MedEntry (Section 75B allegations) have been dismissed by the Judge, and there was no misrepresentation by MedEntry.


  1. That MedEntry uses 'copied' questions. If you read the above Federal Court judgement, you will find that the Judge found that MedEntry not only had a legal right, but also a moral right in all of its copyrighted materials.

Almost all the negative comments on the web regarding MedEntry are posted by Gibson, who has a vendetta against MedEntry because they sued him for his illegal actions, comprehensively won and made him bankrupt.


There are several reasons for you to steer well clear of this con-manDallas Gibson:

  1. He runs a 'Talk UMAT' forum on Yahoo anonymously, tricking people into thinking that it is independent. It is not independent and is used as advertising and marketing tool to mislead and trap unsuspecting students/parents. It is run anonymously by Gibson and its sole purpose is to criticize and defame MedEntry's UMAT courses whilst praising his own lavishly. He uses numerous ‘made-up’ e-mail addresses to post on his own forum to make the forum appear popular and compliment his products. Many of his anonymous posts on various forums and on the internet refer to his 'Talk UMAT' forum in order to improve its ranking on search engines.
  2. Gibson places false, misleading, inaccurate, vindictive and laughable statements on his website. Following are few examples to illustrate this provider’s unethical and illegal behaviour:
  3. It is criminal that while Gibson has been found guilty by the Federal Court of copying MedEntry's materials, he makes several posts on the internet accusing MedEntry of using copied questions! Gibson's criticisms of the Federal Court Judgement and the Judge is in contempt of Court, which is a criminal offence and leads to imprisonment.
  4. He is illegally and brazenly operating several websites, forums and businesses in spite of being a serial and current bankrupt (see below). He lures students into purchasing his products by operating numerous websites, deceiving people into thinking they are all different companies.
  5. He shamelessly continues to operate various businesses in spite of not paying the million dollars he owes to numerous companies and manages to evade law enforcers.
  6. He claims to have numerous titles including a PhD. However, the so-called ‘PhD’ was awarded by an internet degree mill, where you can buy degrees for a few hundred dollars. He claims to have numerous other degrees and fellowships. They are either fabricated or obtainable by paying a nominal fee. They are not worth the paper they are written on.
  7. He claims to have numerous offices in Australia and overseas. However, if you visit these locations you will find that they are either non-existent or are nothing but mail delivery centres. Beware of his websites having offices with prestigious sounding central business district addresses. For example, 295 George St, Sydney (Gibson's eglobalmed 'office'). They are nothing but non-existent 'virtual offices' - the address and mail from which can be redirected for a small fee. The fact that such 'virtual offices' are being used shows how deceptive the provider is. Our advice: Steer well clear!
  8. He gives various telephone numbers in different cities in Australia and overseas to make his course look popular/international. If you call, you will find that these telephone numbers are either disconnected, non-existent or are all call-diverted to the same one phone.
  9. His computer system is so poorly maintained that you will not even be able to obtain UMAT resources if you purchase a product. Many parents and students have stated that after they have paid, they have not received any resources, and were never given refunds.
  10. Virtually none of the numerous workshops he advertises actually run and he provides no refunds for these either.
  11. He has an obsession about posting on forums and sending emails denigrating MedEntry using numerous aliases. This probably relates to the fact that MedEntry comprehensively won a court case against him and caused him to become bankrupt for the third time. If you read one of these emails or posts, simply ignore it. That is the only treatment that will cure his obsession.
  12. He lures you into his net through his offers of ‘free’ questions and tests via his scam websites. These questions are of poor quality and are misleading. When you then register for these questions, he obtains your contact details and email address, which he misuses. He then bombards you with unsolicited spam, marketing material, ‘phishing’ and various forms of online fraud. In his case, the sales pitch is always far better than the product.
  13. He is associated with unaccredited and sham ‘medical schools'.
  14. He managed to obtain the domain name by giving false, misleading and fraudulent information to the authorities in the past. Therefore, do not assume it is evidence of authenticity. His illegal conduct is beyond belief and nobody imagines that someone could be as bad as Gibson.
  15. A common feature of students who attended his workshop is that they felt it is their worst ever experience. Students have described him as 'abusive' and 'mentally deranged'. The head of a reputable coaching college said Gibson is the 'most unethical' person he knows of. His hysterical rants, blatant lies and disregard for the law give an indication of his personality.
  16. He posts misleading, false and erroneous information under the title ‘UMAT courses compared’ on his website. It is full of incorrect information. As the Federal Court Judge pointed out in her judgement, "Gibson tells untruths to obtain business."
  17. In order to obtain a higher ranking on search results (to make the site appear popular), he skews and manipulates search results by creating multiple links, fake clicks, ‘google-bombing’, link-spamming, spamdexing, search engine spamming etc.  Another tactic he uses is to propagate the internet with numerous websites which make customers assume that they are all different providers (Gibson uses about ten websites). He also uses ‘black-hat’ tactics from search engine optimisers to boost search result rankings.
  18. He does NOT have sponsorships or permission to use the logos of the companies he displays on his websites (phone to find out for yourself).
  19. His 'Testimonials' are fictitious, unauthorised and/or 'spiced up'. Many parents and careers teachers have requested he removes their names from made up testimonials, but he refuses.
  20. Most of the materials that he offers are copied directly from books such as LSAT.
  21. For the past twenty years, he has shamelessly ripped off customers and businesses and avoided paying hundreds of thousands of dollars he owed them.

We could go on... Gibson has criticised the Federal Court Judge - what kind of person would do so? Only a three time (financially and morally) bankrupt! He has brought disrepute to UMAT Prep through his fraudulent actions. Watch out for such fraudsters and protect yourself from online predators such as Gibson.

  1. Federal Court found Dallas Gibson of Medical-Entrance guilty 

MedEntry has comprehensively won the Federal Court case against Dallas Gibson for breach of copyright and breach of the Trade Practices Act (Claim number VID1289-2004). The court found that Dallas Gibson flagrantly violated the Commonwealth Copyright Act. Dallas Gibson's cross-claims against MedEntry were dismissed by the Judge as spurious.

MedEntry was awarded a significant sum in court costs (please click here). In addition, damages are yet to be pursued. This will result in Gibson becoming bankrupt for the fourth time. 

The Judge was scathing of Dallas Gibson. Her Honour labelled him 'dishonest', criticised his qualifications as 'slight', described his conduct as 'reprehensible' and concluded that he 'fabricated' evidence (including letters) and was 'prepared to mislead and tell untruths in order to secure business.' He fabricated evidence for the Court under Oath: Can you believe anything he claims?

Gibson is in contempt of the Court by criticising the Judge and by failing to comply with the Court's orders.

Please click here for a summary and relevant extracts from the Judgment. A full text of the Judgement can be found on the Federal Court website: 

Please click here for a summary and relevant extracts from the Court Orders. A full text of the Court Orders can be found on the Federal Court website:


  1. Serial bankrupt Dallas Gibson of Medical-Entrance BANKRUPT again

Dallas Gibson of Medical-Entrance/Eglobamed/Icarus/Premed is currently bankrupt. He has now been bankrupt on three separate occasions (1988, 2000 and now).

You can view the Federal Court ruling of his bankruptcy by clicking here. Alternatively, you can go to the Federal Court website (under Bankruptcy -> Court Events and Orders): 

For evidence of his 1988 bankruptcy, please click here.

For evidence of his 2000 bankruptcy, please click here.

In addition to being sued by MedEntry, Dallas Gibson was also sued by Middletons (his ex-lawyers - Claim U02414246) and by Doherty & Colleagues Solicitors (acting for Maxim P/L) in the Melbourne Federal Magistrates court. Grievances against this man and his practices run deep and are widespread - he has been sued by three separate entities in the last 2 years. He owes over a million dollars to numerous organisations, such as Middletons Lawyers, Maxim Electrical Services, PBB Forensics, Clik Pad, MedEntry and Deloittes.

Several companies and legal firms are searching for Dallas Michael Gibson in order to serve legal papers on him for bankruptcy and for unpaid money that he owes. If you know the whereabouts of this man or his current address, please let us know. A reward will be provided.

Please also read 'Truths about UMAT Prep'.



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