Should I Attend a MedEntry UCAT Workshop?

Should I Attend a MedEntry UCAT Workshop?

8 months ago by Rob

MedEntry workshops have become famous over the years for their engaging, effective and enjoyable nature. You may be wondering whether you should attend a MedEntry UCAT workshop. The answer is a resounding yes! Here are three reasons why:


MedEntry UCAT Workshops are Comprehensive

MedEntry UCAT workshops cover everything you need to know for UCAT success, including:

  • Detailed UCAT strategies and techniques, allowing you to answer each type of UCAT question quickly and accurately

  • UCAT mini-tests for hands-on experience

  • Motivational teaching that makes the whole UCAT process feel clearer and less intimidating

  • Advice from current medical students who have excelled in the UCAT

  • The opportunity to interact with motivated and highly able MedEntry students from all over Australia/NZ who have similar goals and passions

The aim of MedEntry UCAT workshops is to make you a UCAT expert! You’ll gain essential UCAT advice that you won't hear anywhere else.


MedEntry UCAT Workshops are run by the World Expert in UCAT

Every UCAT Workshop is run by Dr Ray, a highly awarded consultant Gastroenterologist and University Lecturer. Dr Ray has helped thousands of students into medicine over a period of two decades. He is the world expert in UCAT and medical entry.

Each MedEntry UCAT workshop provides an opportunity for Q&A, allowing you to ask Dr Ray any questions you may have about UCAT and medical entry.


MedEntry UCAT Workshops are Fun, Engaging and Interactive

We believe that preparing for UCAT should be fun! All UCAT workshops are carefully crafted to ensure they are engaging and effective. Here are some comments from students who have attended a MedEntry UCAT Workshop so far this year:

  • MedEntry provides an excellent, quality service with its "Online UCAT Workshop." With an amazing host (Dr. Ray) who positively went through the key concepts and requirements to perform well in the UCAT and Interviews, you couldn't find a better service for the same value. The "Online UCAT Workshop" was not only professional and relevant, it provided attendees with an engaging and enriching environment to develop and learn the key skills required for getting into Medicine. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get into MED via the UCAT pathway. A wonderful and informative experience, thank you.

  • The workshop was a wonderful experience - not only do they provide you with strategies and skills needed for the UCAT, but the most important part was that it provided me with the motivation to keep studying consistently. Thanks Dr Ray!

  • This workshop was absolutely amazing. I gained so much from it, whether it be the plethora of strategies Dr Ray has taught for various tests or CCI. There is so much I have learnt about the pathways into medicine and it was so much fun. Definitely worth it and it was a pleasure to attend.

  • The UCAT workshop was incredibly helpful in getting to know how to prepare for the UCAT - different approaches, how to effectively use the LMS to its fullest, how to space out the work. It was also very motivating, and I found it great to hear from a professional doctor, Dr Ray, his perspective and understanding of the UCAT and the medical field.

  • The perspectives from different medical professionals (especially Dr Ray), as well as people who have already experienced what I am about to head into was extremely valuable and motivating. After this workshop, I feel more excitement than dread about the long journey ahead because I can now see a clear destination.


Don’t leave UCAT to chance. Give yourself the opportunity to excel in UCAT and secure a place in your dream course.

There’s a UCAT workshop next weekend!



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