Three Exciting UCAT Features Coming in 2020

Three Exciting UCAT Features Coming in 2020

3 years ago by Rob

MedEntry is excited to be launching new UCAT preparation features for our students in 2020. These features will ensure that MedEntry students continue to receive the highest quality UCAT preparation available.

1. Online platform redesign with even more personalised features

Our IT engineers are redesigning our online UCAT platform to make it even more intuitive and personalised.

Key features include the ability to:

  • See your UCAT strengths and weaknesses at a glance
  • Obtain recommendations on where to focus your future UCAT preparation
  • Monitor your UCAT performance and UCAT scores
  • Connect with other students and discuss UCAT questions via our online community
  • Easily navigate between UCAT resources

Take a sneak peek here:



2. Interactive video guides for each of the subtests

Our specialist doctors and academics are developing comprehensive, interactive video guides that cover each UCAT subtest. The videos will cover key UCAT strategies and include UCAT example questions, showing you how to approach each type of question you will face.

Take a sneak peek here:


3. Hundreds more quality UCAT questions

Our expert question writers are crafting hundreds of original, quality UCAT questions for each UCAT subtest to add to our enormous UCAT question bank. We will have more quality UCAT questions than any other UCAT preparation organisation.



So, what are you waiting for?

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