Timeline for Medical Entry 2023

Timeline for Medical Entry 2023

6 months ago by Chris

Getting into medicine is a complex process. It’s not just about your academic performance, you also need to succeed in UCAT and interviews. There are many important deadlines that you must not miss if you are to enter your dream course. This blog outlines the key dates and tasks so you can ensure you keep on track!











As soon as possible

No set deadline, but the earlier you commence UCAT preparation, the better

Check you are studying the required prerequisite subjects

Research university entry requirements

Commence your UCAT preparation

1 March

UCAT Registrations and Bookings open

Register and select your testing date

17 May 11:59pm AEST

UCAT Registrations Close

Final UCAT Booking Deadline

Ensure (and double check) that you have both registered to sit UCAT and selected a UCAT testing session

3 July – 11 August

UCAT Testing Period

Sit the UCAT

Receive your results on UCAT test day

Early September

UCAT Results Delivered to Universities

No action required – this is done automatically

Late September

Deadline for applying to universities

Apply to the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centres

Apply to as many medical courses as possible to maximise your chances of obtaining a place

Submit written applications, if required

October - January

Interview Offers Released

Ensure you regularly check the email address you have provided for interview notifications

November - January

No set deadline, but the earlier you begin interview preparation, the better

Commence interview preparation

Try to obtain work experience and volunteer work in a health-related field

November - January

Interviews conducted

Attend as many interviews as possible to maximise your chances of obtaining a place in medicine


University offers released

Check your email for offers and celebrate your success!

Seek advice from MedEntry on the appropriate course / university to select

As you can see, there is a lot to do! It can all feel overwhelming, but being organised and recording important dates in your calendar will ensure that you do not miss important deadlines. Best of luck on your journey to become a doctor!


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