Tips for Multiple Choice on UCAT

Tips for Multiple Choice on UCAT

3 years ago by Rob

Top tips for multiple choice in the UCAT

The UCAT consists of only multiple choice questions. While multiple choice means they give you the correct answer as one of the options, choosing it is not as easy as it seems. Here are some useful tips for answering multiple choice questions for the UCAT

· Answer all questions. You have a 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 chance of getting the right answer, so why not go for it, even if you are unsure of the correct answer. The odds are in your favour! Never leave an answer blank. Instead, pick an option you think is best and flag that question. That way if you have time at the end of the UCAT, you can go back and consider the question more carefully.

· Read the question carefully. In the UCAT, there may be little tricks in the question to throw you off so you will need to read the question carefully. They may ask you to choose the best answer, the most right or simply the correct answer. However, not all questions are phrased positively. They may ask you to choose the option that is not correct or the exception to the answer set.

· Read all the options. Whether you are doing a UCAT practice exam, or the live UCAT, read all the possible answers before determining the answer. Whilst you may feel you know which one is the correct answer, after reading all the options you may decide the one you chose was not the best answer. In addition, reading all the options can act like a second check for what the question is asking. If three of the answers seem similar and one doesn’t seem to fit, the question may actually be asking you to find the incorrect option!

· Be wary of changing your mind. You may want to change your answer during the UCAT. However, only do this after careful consideration of the question. Often you’ll find that your first answer was the correct answer.

· Don’t spend too long on one question. The UCAT is a timed exam. If you’re having problems with one question, select an answer and mark the question so you know to come back to it at the end. Each question is worth the same amount of marks so spending more time on one than another does not necessarily benefit you.

For more information on how to approach multiple choice questions on the UCAT or tips for successful UCAT preparation, check out the MedEntry UCAT preparation workshops and UCAT resources.

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