UCAT 2023 Registration: What Testing Session Should I Choose?

UCAT 2023 Registration: What Testing Session Should I Choose?

8 months ago by Chris

Registrations to sit UCAT 2023 are now open! If you are planning to sit UCAT in 2023 for entry into medicine in 2024, we suggest booking your UCAT testing date as soon as possible. Popular dates and locations to sit UCAT do book out!

You can find out more about registration on the UCAT ANZ website.

Here are three tips for choosing your perfect UCAT 2023 testing session.


1. Book your UCAT 2023 testing session as soon as possible

UCAT 2023 is offered over a variety of testing dates, times and locations throughout July and into early August. This gives you the flexibility to choose a UCAT testing session that is convenient to you.

Popular dates, times and locations to sit UCAT book out very quickly. Just a few days delay in selecting your UCAT testing session can mean that you may have to sit UCAT when you have other commitments, at an inconvenient time or at a place far from where you live.

We therefore suggest booking your UCAT 2023 testing session as soon as registrations open to secure the right time, date and location for you. Remember, you can always change your UCAT 2023 testing session at a later time via your Pearson VUE account.


2. Choose your UCAT testing session carefully

UCAT is an important test, so it is vital that you take some time to consider the best UCAT 2023 testing date, time and location for you.

Factors you should consider when choosing a UCAT testing date include:

  • School holidays: many schools have holidays over the month of July. If possible, schedule your UCAT testing date over the holidays. This will ensure you have time to prepare for UCAT as well as time to optimise your physical and psychological health before UCAT test day.
  • School exams and assessments: consider any exams or assessments that you may have during the UCAT testing window or shortly afterwards, and avoid scheduling UCAT too close to these. You don’t want to over-load your schedule with academic commitments and end up burning out before UCAT.
  • Other commitments: consider any other activities that you may have in the UCAT testing window, including part time work, extra-curricular commitments and travel plans, to avoid any clashes with UCAT.

Also carefully consider the UCAT testing time that suits you. Consider if you work best in the morning or afternoon and select your UCAT time accordingly. Don’t forget to factor in travel to the UCAT test venue and mealtimes when choosing your preferred testing time.


3. Avoid booking a UCAT date at the end of the testing window

Although you may be tempted to book a UCAT testing date at the very end of the UCAT testing window to ensure you are ‘ready’ to sit UCAT, this is best avoided. You will need to account for contingencies – what if you get sick, for example, or have an unexpected clash with another commitment?

UCAT provides you with the opportunity to reschedule or postpone your UCAT testing date. However, if you leave sitting UCAT to the last week of the testing window, there is likely to be very limited UCAT testing places available.

So, if you haven’t already, we suggest you visit the UCAT ANZ website to register and book now!

And importantly, don’t forget to undergo quality UCAT preparation!



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