UCAT ANZ 2022: A Student's Experience

UCAT ANZ 2022: A Student's Experience

7 months ago by Robert

I have just completed UCAT 2022! What a relief to have it done. There were no surprises and I felt well prepared thanks to MedEntry’s UCAT preparation. Here’s how the day went:


Arrival and registration

I sat UCAT in a morning session. My confirmation email from Pearson VUE said that I should arrive at least 30 minutes before my UCAT testing appointment, which I did. The building was well signed and when I arrived there were already some other UCAT candidates sitting in the waiting area. I was asked to have a seat and read through some UCAT test instructions.

After a few minutes I was called into a room to register for UCAT. I was asked to provide my ID, and my photograph and digital signature were taken. I was given a locker to place all my belongings in, and I was asked to empty my pockets.

I was given a noteboard which was very similar to the one I had received at my MedEntry workshop, and two marker pens which were identical to the ones given to me by MedEntry – this was immensely reassuring! I tested the UCAT marker pens to check that they were working. I was also given some disposable foam earplugs.

I was told that if I needed to go to the bathroom, the clock would keep running, and that if I needed anything I should raise my hand. The test supervisors were really nice and friendly. I was then led into the UCAT testing room.


Sitting the UCAT test

There were about five other people in the room who had already begun sitting their UCAT test. I was led to a testing station which had a desktop computer, keyboard and mouse. I spent a minute or so getting my station ready – arranging the noteboard, marker pens, keyboard and mouse, and adjusting my chair.

I was asked to confirm that my name displayed on the screen was correct, then my UCAT test was loaded up. I took a couple of deep breaths, said a little mantra to myself (like was recommended by MedEntry) and then clicked Start.

The UCAT Verbal Reasoning section began with a bang. The questions were very similar in style and difficulty to what I had been used to on MedEntry’s platform. UCAT Decision Making was also similar, and all the usual question types appeared. UCAT Quantitative Reasoning was reasonably challenging, but probably a bit easier than MedEntry’s questions. UCAT Abstract Reasoning has always been my weakest section but I think I did ok. UCAT Situational Judgement was very similar to MedEntry, and I feel like I did well.

There was a couple of the new type of Situational Judgement question that I had been warned about by MedEntry and had practiced on MedEntry’s platform. I had also seen these questions when working through the UCAT Official resources. I used the same approach as I normally would for UCAT Situational Judgement questions.

I really liked the earplugs as they helped me to concentrate and avoid getting distracted (for example when people were entering / leaving the room and when the UCAT test supervisor was cleaning the used computers).

Overall, I thought it was a fair UCAT test and there were no surprises. It felt very similar to the other MedEntry exams I had completed. Despite that I was still exhausted by the end and busting for the loo!


Leaving the UCAT test

When the test finished I raised my hand and a supervisor came over straight away. I had to sign out, return the UCAT noteboard and marker pens, and collect my belongings. As I was leaving I saw the next round of UCAT candidates in the waiting room.

Almost exactly an hour after finishing my UCAT test I received an email from Pearson VUE stating that my UCAT Score Report was available. With great trepidation I logged in and opened my results… and I was really happy! My UCAT score was better than what I had been getting on MedEntry’s platform, so I was really pleased. Fingers crossed I get some interview offers. But for now, it’s time to celebrate the UCAT test being over!


Note: this is one student's experience of the UCAT test. As testing centres and UCAT tests vary, your own experience may be slightly different.

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