UCAT Prep Courses Perth

UCAT Prep Courses Perth

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MedEntry has been training students to get into medical schools in Australia (21 years), New Zealand (19 years), Ireland (13 years) and the UK (3 years) and is run by doctors and academics.

Students interested in pursuing medicine or dentistry need to sit the UCAT in July-August every year. MedEntry is a government-accredited Registered Training Organisation specialising in UCAT preparation. MedEntry offers discounts of 30% for groups, as well as numerous scholarships and bursaries. MedEntry's free UCAT Bootcamp, presented by Dr Ray, is available here: https://www.medentry.edu.au/resources/free-resources#free-bootcamp.

MedEntry has been running courses for medical entry in Perth since 2001. UCAT prep classes have been run at both UWA and Curtin university.

MedEntry provides a range of services for UCAT preparation and medical interviews. These include a state-of-the-art UCAT online platform, one-on-one tutoring, an application review service, UCAT workshops, UCAT weekly classes, UCAT intensive classes, as well as an Interview Strategy Day and Mock MMI circuits for both UWA and Curtin University.

Personal UCAT tutoring will allow you to build on your strengths and improve your areas of weakness in a one-on-one environment. You will be coached by an experienced tutor who has performed exceptionally well in the UCAT (achieving the highest percentile of 99), as well as interviews and school and who is located in your city. You can organise when, where, and how you would like to use your tutoring sessions. Each UCAT tutoring session is tailored specifically to your needs as students are able to direct the sessions towards the areas they wish to focus on (there is no 'set' UCAT curriculum) so that you are able to get the most out of each session. In turn, this will help you with your self-directed learning when you are studying on your own.

Some examples of areas you may want to cover with your UCAT tutor include:

  • A particular subtest of the UCAT or types of questions in UCAT
  • Specific questions that you had trouble with or didn’t understand during your private study
  • General questions about the UCAT and the UCAT process
  • Methods and techniques behind solving UCAT questions
  • Strategies to maximise your UCAT score
  • What medical school is like 

MedEntry UCAT is the only organisation which offers a Quality guarantee: https://www.medentry.edu.au/about-us/quality-guarantee

Compare MedEntry's services here: https://www.medentry.edu.au/about-us/compare-medentry

We recommend that you watch the UCAT Bootcamp first and then enrol as a MedEntry student as soon as possible to maximise your chances of getting into Curtin, UWA or any of your preferred medical schools in Australia.

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