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3 years ago by Rob


The Consortium of Australian School-Leaver Entry Medical Schools has decided not to renew their contract with ACER. This means that the UCAT (University Clinical Assessment Test) is now the medical entry test. MedEntry has intimate knowledge of UCAT and will be providing high quality UCAT resources for our students.


What is UCAT?

UCAT stands for University Clinical Aptitude Test. It is similar to the previous test, and assesses the same type of skills. UCAT is a computer-based test and comprises five sections: verbal reasoning, decision making, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning and situational judgement.

You can find further information about the UCAT here:

The official UCAT website is:


How will MedEntry help?

MedEntry has intimate knowledge of aptitude testing trends worldwide and in-depth knowledge of UCAT. MedEntry has been preparing students for tests such as UCAT for the last 20 years, and we are the clear leaders in medical entry in Australia and New Zealand.

Further detailed information about UCAT will be released by the UCAT Consortium by January 2019. In the meantime, MedEntry will be providing high quality resources for students, which will be rolled out over the coming weeks. If you wish to start preparing right away, there are some suggestions for how to do so available on the LMS.


What should I do now?

This change affects all aspiring medical students, so it is important not to stress. Students who have been preparing for any thinking skills test should rest assured that the skills they have developed so far will assist them in UCAT. There will be (and already is) a lot of misinformation around about the UCAT - it is important to seek out information from trusted sources such as MedEntry.


How will I receive updates?

If you are a MedEntry student, you will receive major updates via email. Regular blogs will be available on the MedEntry website in the coming days and weeks. Updates will be provided through social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Groups), so make sure you are subscribed via your preferred platform.



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