Frequently Asked Questions

UCAT Workshops

Purchasing either the Premium Package or the Comprehensive Package includes your attendance in a UCAT Workshop.

For details on how to purchase, please refer to

Once you have purchased a package, log in to the Online Learning Platform, and click on the 'Live Events' then click 'Dr. Ray's Workshop' and then click 'book' to view available bookings. Select your workshop date and then confirm.

If you are enrolling in the Premium Package as an individual, you will be able to choose your preferred date prior to purchase. If you have enrolled in the Premium Package with a group discount, all group members need to have enrolled before you can book your workshop.  

Can I change the date of my UCAT workshop?

In order to change the workshop that you are currently enrolled in to a different workshop, please follow these steps:

• Log into the MedEntry site

• Click on the 'Live Events' then click 'Dr. Ray's Workshop'

• Click on the “Move” button next to your workshop

• Select the workshop date that you would like to move to

Your new date will be displayed after you have followed these steps.


The cost depends on the package you choose to buy, whether it is the Premium - Individual, Premium - Group, or Comprehensive Package. Note that all packages also include access to an extensive system of online resources, which are essential to get the most out of the workshop.

More details about the various MedEntry packages available can be found on our pricing page.


MedEntry runs UCAT Workshops throughout the year. Please see our Workshop page for details.


Please enrol in a workshop that is available. Workshops are added periodically and you can easily switch the date of your workshop later (see the FAQ "Can I change the date of my Workshop?" for more details).


We encourage you to attend a MedEntry UCAT Preparation Workshop.

 But don't just take our word for it, check out the hundreds of glowing Google and Facebook reviews of our workshops posted by our happy and successful students. We have more and higher ratings than every university in Australia! MedEntry's global offices have over 3000 reviews at a star rating of 4.9+, far exceeding that of any university. It is common to hear the following feedback: 'The best lecture I have ever attended'.

Three of the main benefits of the MedEntry workshop are:

  1. Learn strategies for approaching the UCAT questions

The study guides on the Online Learning Platform (OLP) do provide detailed approaches to different UCAT question types, but it is always more effective to be taught this information than simply to work through it yourself – after all, according to the psychiatrist William Glasser, we learn 10% of what we read, but 50% of what we see and hear!

The UCAT workshop highlights what kind of approaches to questions are the most important, and what types of UCAT questions are the most common. This allows you to make the most of all the resources provided by MedEntry, and perform as well as possible on the UCAT. In evaluations, MedEntry students say that they either did not use the resources on the OLP, or did not know how to efficiently and effectively use them, until they attended a MedEntry UCAT Preparation Workshop.

Additionally, some inside knowledge and information that is not available elsewhere is provided at the UCAT workshop. You will also find that many of the skills that you learn at the UCAT workshop are transferrable, and useful for school and university study.

  1. Motivation

Attending a MedEntry UCAT Preparation Workshop provides motivation to perform well on the UCAT, as it can make the whole UCAT process feel clearer and more real.

You will also meet fellow students with similar interests and passions. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your thinking skills and to form new friendships and study groups, as well as being a great source of motivation.

Attending the MedEntry UCAT Workshop and the MedEntry weekly classes for UCAT is a unique opportunity for many reasons. Never before would you have attended a class where your peers are from all over Australia, New Zealand and the UK. This is also the only opportunity for you to check out your competition: motivated and able students from all over Australia & NZ. Remember that your scores on the live UCAT will be compared with this cohort.

Additionally, you will hear from current medical students about how they used MedEntry to obtain excellent scores on the UCAT, as well as what to expect from studying at university. It is an invaluable opportunity to hear first-hand tips from people who have gone through it all before, and to be able to ask any burning questions you might have about the UCAT or university!

  1. Mini-tests

The course aims to demonstrate the best principles and strategies needed to succeed in the UCAT. Students attending the workshop attempt short mini-tests in each UCAT section to give the students hands-on experience and allow the lecturer to clearly demonstrate the application of speed and accuracy techniques to each type of question found in the UCAT.

Further benefits of the MedEntry UCAT workshop include:

  • Learn how to use the OLP efficiently and effectively
  • Invest in your future by enhancing your thinking skills that will be useful throughout your career
  • Interact with other like-minded students which will help develop your thinking skills
  • Network with motivated and able students from various schools in your city, other states and overseas – many of whom will be your colleagues in medical school
  • Discuss numerous past UCAT questions and efficient, effective and elegant ways of arriving at the answer

Attending a MedEntry UCAT Preparation Workshop is an invaluable opportunity that will allow you to achieve your best possible score on the UCAT.


The UCAT and interview preparation courses are run by doctors and professors with decades of teaching experience and UCAT expertise.

For more information on your workshop lecturer, please see our UCAT Workshop page .


A timetable is available for the MedEntry UCAT Workshop.

Starting and finishing times are subject to change so you should refer to the email that is sent to you before your UCAT course for exact times.

The course aims to maximise the amount of time demonstrating principles, techniques and strategies to tackle the UCAT questions, and how best to use the online platform for UCAT Preparation. Students attending the workshop will therefore attempt a short Mock UCAT so that the lecturer can demonstrate techniques to optimise speed and accuracy.


The pack contains a UCAT test simulation notebook and marker.  The notebook and marker is modelled on the laminated notebook and marker provided at the live UCAT. Using this notebook and marker during your UCAT practice will help you get comfortable with this aspect of the UCAT test day experience.

Note: It is important that students make sure their postal address is up to date in their personal details so that the notebook and pen pack is not returned to MedEntry.


A couple of days prior to your workshop, you will receive an email with details that outline the start/end times of your workshop.

You can find a preliminary timetable here (Note that timings are subject to change):
UCAT Workshop


If the live UCAT is the Olympics, MedEntry Courses represent your coach and training, and what you do at home is similar to going to the gym to work out before you come for training. So we advise some preparation before coming to the workshop.


To find out which Workshop you are enrolled in, please follow these steps:

  1. Login into the MedEntry website by clicking the "Login" button on the top right hand corner.
  2. Click on "My Bookings"
  3. From here you will be able to see all of your current and past bookings. 

If a workshop is shown as "Full" and you feel that is the only workshop that you can attend due to other commitments, please enrol in another "Open" workshop and email us with a request to transfer you to the workshop shown as "Full".

We will make every effort to ensure that your request is accommodated.


Yes, you can change the date of your Workshop, as long as the Workshop you would like to move into is not full.

In order to change the workshop that you are enrolled in to a different workshop, please follow these steps:

  1. Login into the MedEntry website by clicking "Login" on the top right 
  2. Click on "My Bookings"
  3. You should be able to view your current workshop bookings under the heading "Your upcoming Workshop bookings"
  4. Click on the "Move" button and select a different workshop to change your booking

Note: once a workshop has started, you will no longer be able to change your booking. If you are unable to attend, please contact us and we will move your booking to a more suitable date.


Please do not panic. There is no need to phone us either.

Please simply send an email letting us know which workshop you would like to attend instead, and we will arrange it for you.

Similarly, if you are running late, there is no need to call. Just join the online session when you can.


You may attend any Workshop that is convenient to you. However, we recommend avoiding attending workshops during the January, April and July school holidays as these workshops are heavily booked.


Some students feel that they need to attend the workshop before they begin the work on the Online Platform.

This is generally not a good idea.

To gain the most from the workshop, we recommend that you complete some work on the Online Platform first (including completing 1-2 full length practice exams).

However, if you are in younger year levels, you would like to gain a general insight into UCAT or would like motivation, attending a workshop first may be suitable.


There could be several reasons that you have not received your workshop notification email:

  • Your email address is incorrect
    • Emails are sent to workshop attendees in the day or two prior to the event
    • Please verify your email address by logging into your MedEntry Account and choosing the Edit Profile icon
  • The notification email has gone into your “Junk/Spam Mail” folder
    • Please check your “Junk/Spam Mail” folder in your email account
  • You enrolled in the workshop after the emails were sent.
  • You have not booked your workshop. To find out which UCAT Workshop you are enrolled in, please follow these steps:
    • Login into the MedEntry website by clicking "Login"
    • Click on "My Bookings"
    • You should be able to view your UCAT Workshop date under the heading "booked event details"


MedEntry is proud to have partnered with the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency(RDWA) and the Rural Workforce Agency Victoria(RWAV), which are government-funded organisations aiming to improve healthcare accessibility in rural areas.

The Rural Doctors Workforce Agency(RDWA) provides free MedEntry UCAT Preparation packages to year 12 students studying at a rural high school in South Australia. A rural high school is located in a town that is in the classification level 2-7 of the Modified Monash Model(MMM). If you think you are eligible, please apply via:

The Rural Workforce Agency Victoria (RWAV) UCAT Exam Preparation Grant provides free MedEntry UCAT Preparation packages to high school students in year 11 or 12 living in Victorian rural and regional priority areas. Please apply via their website -


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