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Medical Interview Training

  1. Register or Login to the MedEntry site.
  2. Select Pricing from the top. Where it shows an option for UCAT / Interviews, click on Interviews.
  3. Add an interview training bundle to your cart.
  4. Select any additional addons and proceed to the checkout.
  5. Once your purchase is complete you will receive an email containing the purchase information and your order number.

If you have paid by Credit/Debit Card, you will be able to immediately book your place in any of the available Medical Interview Training sessions. If you have paid by any other method, you'll have to wait until your payment is confirmed.

Medical Interview Training session dates are usually posted in late August, early September after the UCAT.


The Medical Interview Training bundle includes a Strategy Day (a full day of training about interviews), a mock interview with feedback from several interviewers (a half day of practice) plus online resources. The Strategy Day and mock interviews are on set dates. You can choose from the set dates on offer.

The Personal Interview Training is a two-hour session (it may be split into 2 x one-hour sessions). The Personal Interview Training is a one-to-one session, with the date and times arranged between you and the trainer. You will also have access to online resources.


Most Universities in Australia use interviews as part of the entry criteria. To find out the specific entry requirements for the course you are interested in, please contact the university directly.

For a general overview of which universities require an interview, please see the resources on our university admssions page.

Note that all of MedEntry’s packages include a comprehensive University Admissions Guide.


Strategy Days start at 9.30am and finish at 5.30pm AEST.

Mock Interviews run for approximately four hours and begin at either 9am or 2pm AEST, according to your booking.

A couple of days before your session, you will be emailed details including start/end times. Please check your email carefully for details.


Yes! Interviews are a crucial aspect of the selection process for entry into health science courses. In some universities, interviews are weighted at more than 50% of the total selection criteria. Most people focus on their ATAR scores, study for the UCAT but do not prepare for the interview. Hence we find students who have perfect ATAR (99.95) and perfect UCAT (99%), are not being offered a place medicine. Such people go to the interview thinking its just a 'chat'. Chat may be, but its the most important chat that will change the course of your life!

There are many reasons some people do not train with MedEntry professionals for interviews. These include:

  • being sucked in by the uni propaganda that you can't prepare (which is hypocritical since they train their graduates for job interviews)
  • fear being put on the spot in the training sessions (better that you get used to it!)
  • not knowing what they don't know (unknown unknowns)
  • when it comes to personality tests, we all think we are awesome
  • thinking interview is just a chat
  • not being motivated enough
  • not understanding the importance and benefits of university specific training
  • thinking training and obtaining tips from mum/dad/friends/senior or med students is enough
  • not having full understanding of and benefits of training with trusted institution (MedEntry)
  • thinking cost is too high (inability to make good decisions using probabilistic thinking)
  • not realising the importance of maximising interview score particularly when your ATAR/UCAT is not very high
  • not knowing the benefits of top interview score even with very high ATAR/UCAT (eg you may be offered a scholarship; get to study at your preferred campus)

Research shows that University Specific interview training boosts your interview score (BMJ Online article).

However, knowledge of the types of questions asked, coaching on interview technique and enhanced communication skills can dramatically improve your performance. You should not go into an interview unprepared or not having an understanding of what you will be asked. If you do, you will be at a competitive disadvantage compared to those who are prepared for the interview.

For most universities, your interview score will count for as much as your ATAR (33%). For some, its 40% and for some universities its much more important than your ATAR (interview score will contribute 80%) of your final ranking score. For two universties, interview score counts for 100%, once ATAR/UCAT thresholds are reached.

For one university, if you take a gap year, your interview score from previous year will be used: which means you get only one shot at interview! So doing well and obtaining the highest possible score in interview is of critical importance.

Even if you think you will get in without the training, there are several benefits of attending the MedEntry Interview training workshop. These include:

  • The psychological and other principles learnt at the MedEntry Interview Training workshop will also be useful throughout your life for other interviews (job interviews, Internship/Registrar interviews etc).
  • Knowledge of the types of questions asked, the interview technique and enhanced communication skills can further your performance dramatically. You should not go into an interview unprepared or not having an understanding of what the interviewers are looking for, in your answers.
  • Its the only opportunity you will ever get to benchmark your interview performance against your peers
  • Its an opportunity to get feedback from experienced trainers, so you can improve further on your future interviews
  • Your interview score and hence your entry ranking will improve further (so you may get CSP rather than BMP place, be posted at city rather than rural campus, even be offered a scholarship if the ranking is high enough)
  • You will never get honest feedback on your actual interview performance (for several reasons, including unis fearing being sued), so interview training is the only place to obtain honest and critical feedback

Please also read this blog:


The MedEntry Team has extensive interview expertise and knowledge of the types of questions likely to arise at each university, which we use to provide you with focussed training.

Students attending a UCAT workshop will have an afternoon of interview preparation to get them started. Remember, interviews cannot be 'crammed' for; you need to start thinking about them and developing skills early.

MedEntry also offers a Medical Interview Training bundle. This includes an interview Strategy Day with Dr Ray, that covers interview technique, common interview questions and key interview strategies. It also includes a full length mock interview, tailored to a specific university/course, since each university has a unique interview style and set of questions. You will also gain access to exclusive resources relating to your chosen university/course. There is an option to enrol in additional mock interviews.


The Medical Interview Training bundle provides students with strategies and tips on how to succeed in medical or dental interviews.

You will attend a day long Strategy Day with Dr Ray, which discusses key interview strategies and techniques, as well as common questions that arise and how to best answer them.

You will then attend a mock interview session which is tailored to the specific university/course for which you have received an offer, enabling detailed discussion of the specific questions likely to arise at that interview. You will be provided with feedback on everything from interview technique to the intricacies of your answers. There is an option to enrol in multiple mock interview sessions.

You will have access to constructive resources, such as a comprehensive interview guide, MMI question bank and more.


The latest dates can be found in the Strategy Day Schedule and Mock Interview Schedule on our medical interview training course page


1. Purchase a Medical Interview Training bundle (note the Diamond Package already includes an MIT)

2. Login and click on My Bookings

3. Search for: You have an unused Interview Strategy Day session (or) You have an unused Tailored Mock session 

4. Click on Book Now

5. Select a date and click Book Now to confirm.

6. To change the date, click on My Bookings, click on Move, select a different date and click Move to confirm.

For details on how to purchase, please refer to the Purchasing FAQ


There are advantages to purchasing your Medical Interview Training even if you have not yet received an offer. Like UCAT, interview skills need to be developed over a period of time. As soon as you purchase, you will receive access to interview guides and resources which will help you begin your preparation. Purchasing now will also allow you to secure your preferred dates for training (you can always change these at a later stage).

In addition, MedEntry's interview training is very popular and places are limited. Sessions do book out so purchasing early will help you secure your place.

In the event that you do not obtain an interview offer, a partial refund can be arranged.


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