Strategies To Maximise Your UCAT Score

What UCAT strategies can I use to succeed in each subtest?

There are a variety of questions within each of the five UCAT subtests. For each type of question, there are specific UCAT strategies that can be used to arrive at the answer quickly and accurately (for some examples, visit the relevant chapter in this guide). Effective UCAT strategies will be covered in detail in the MedEntry UCAT Courses.

Strategies should be learned, implemented and practiced so that by test day, they will feel ‘automatic’, or like second-nature.

What UCAT strategies will boost my UCAT score?

There are some UCAT strategies that are effective for most UCAT questions. It is important to learn and practice these UCAT strategies to maximise your score. These include:

  1. Using the process of elimination
  2. Strategic guessing
  3. Looking for shortcuts (for example, estimation and only solving what you have to)
  4. Using keyboard shortcuts
  5. Using the keyboard numberpad when operating the calculator
  6. Flagging wisely and sparingly

These UCAT strategies and many more are covered in detail in the MedEntry UCAT Course.

What else can I do to maximise my UCAT score?

It is also helpful to incorporate UCAT-style thinking in your everyday schoolwork and life. This will not only help boost your UCAT score, but will also increase your overall productiveness and academic performance. For example, you should:

  1. Practice speed reading
  2. Read widely and critically
  3. Practice using your mental maths skills
  4. Develop your stamina, concentration and focus
  5. Develop stress management techniques

These techniques and many more are covered in detail in MedEntry’s UCAT Courses.

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