MedEntry One-on-one

Intensive Personal Training

You’ve worked hard to perfect your techniques and perform well in exams. But the UCAT is different. Without the right strategies, even the most brilliant students can struggle to achieve the scores they need.

With MedEntry’s One-on-one Training, a UCAT specialist will analyse your performance, help to identify your weaknesses and teach you proven methods to overcome every obstacle. This intensive and personalised form of UCAT training is perfect for students who are finding UCAT difficult or pushing for the highest possible score.

  • In-person or virtual tutoring
  • All tutors scored 97th+ percentile in the UCAT
  • Personal mentoring and advice
  • Flexible dates and times
  • 10 hours of tutoring with the option to add more
  • Available across Australia and the World

In-person Tutoring

10 hours of one-on-one tutoring. In-person tutoring is only available as part of the Comprehensive Package.

Virtual Tutoring

10 hours of one-on-one tutoring via video conferencing. Virtual tutoring is an optional service that can be added to the Essential or Premium Package.

Expert Guidance From Australia’s Best UCAT Tutors

Most UCAT tutors are students who have achieved above average results in the UCAT. In contrast, all of our expert tutors have finished in at least the 97th percentile.

MedEntry’s UCAT tutors are carefully selected, trained and regularly evaluated to ensure you receive the highest standard of coaching.

Your Personal UCAT Mentor

Our UCAT tutors are dedicated to their students. That includes being flexible with schedules and being available for support between sessions. Each tutor understands the pressures and challenges of medical entry, having been through the process themselves.

Our tutors are not just teachers. They are mentors who will always take the time to listen and provide the best advice.

Identify And Eliminate Weaknesses

Every student who tackles the UCAT struggles with at least one subtest. Your one-on-one tutor has a proven set of strategies that will help you negotiate the obstacles preventing you from reaching your true potential.

With one-on-one tutoring, you can quickly develop the skills required to deliver a top performance across all five subtests.

UCAT Training

Aiming high? Ensure the UCAT doesn’t become a barrier to your success. Keep your career on track with the best personal UCAT tutoring around.

Included in the Comprehensive Package