Monash University

Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Domestic Students requirements

  • ATAR of at least 90 or Year 12 equivalent
  • UCAT 
  • Monash Interview, MMI style questions (Interview offers will be released late December 2022)

All three components are weighted equally.

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All domestic applicants are required to undertake the UCAT. Selection for interview (MMI) is based on a combination of an applicant's UCAT and ATAR scores. The cut off score is determined by the distribution of scores each year and therefore changes depending on each cohort.

2. ATAR or Year 12 Equivalent

To be considered for a place in the Direct Entry Medical program at Monash University, you will need to have a high study score of at least 35 (out of a score of 50) English as an Alternate Language or 30 (out of a score of 50) in English, and at least 30 (out of a score of 50) in Chemistry. The minimum ATAR to be eligible is 90 but usually a significantly higher ATAR is required due to the competitiveness of the applicants.

The IB requirements are at least a 5 in Standard English or a 4 in High Level English or 6 in standard English B (ESL) or 5 in High Level English B (ESL) and a 5 in Standard Chemistry or a 4 in High Level Chemistry.

3. Multiple Mini Interviews / Monash MMI Interview for Medicine

Selection for Monash Medicine Multiple Mini interviews (MMI) is based on a combination of an applicant's UCAT and ATAR scores. The cut off score is determined by the distribution of scores each year and therefore changes depending on each cohort.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview via email and will be required to log in to an online system to self-allocate a time to attend. Once the system closes, changes will not be permitted and late requests cannot be accommodated.

Monash uses the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for selection of students. MMI Stations comprise a series of scenarios and associated questions focusing on an applicant’s:

  • advocacy
  • collaboration
  • critical thinking
  • empathy
  • ethical reasoning
  • motivation

Each applicant is given two minutes reading time followed by eight minutes to answer five questions relevant to the scenario. At the completion of the eight minutes, there is a further two minute change over and reading time for the next scenario. The MMI format allows the Faculty to determine which applicants possess the personal qualities required to succeed in the MD program as well as the qualities that we are looking for in health care professionals.

Monash Interview Dates Schedule

Due to possible changes caused by COVID-19, these dates may be changed, check the Monash University website to confirm current dates.

  • Mid December 2022 - Year 12 results released in Victoria
  • End of Dec 2022 - invitations to interview will be emailed to eligible Victorian VCE applicants as well as Victorian and national Dean’s Rural List and Dean’s Indigenous List applicants.
  • Early January 2023:  Medicine Interviews (MMI) - dates and format to be confirmed.
  • Mid-January 2023: Round 1 offers made through VTAC
  • Mid-January 2023: Round 1 enrolment
  • Mid-January 2023: Invitations to interview will be emailed to eligible interstate and NZ applicants
  • Late January 2023: Round 2 interviews for Interstate and NZ applicants.
  • Early February 2023: Round 2 offers made through VTAC
  • Mid-February 2023: Possible further MD offers made through VTAC
  • Late-February 2023: Compulsory attendance at MedStart Program
  • Week commencing 20 February 2023: Orientation
  • Monday 1 March 2023: Semester 1 commences

If you have or expecting to receive an interview offer for Monash University then you should consider attending a MedEntry Medical Interview training session.

For more information: 2022 Admission Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine Information Booklet

Monash also offers 3 different Special Entry Schemes

International Student requirements

  • ATAR (or Year 12 equivalent)
  • ISAT
  • Interview

Bachelor of Biomedical Science pathway into graduate Medicine

Monash also offers a Graduate Entry Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) pathway via some Monash undergraduate degrees. This is especially important for the students who are looking at alternative (Plan B) pathways to get into postgraduate Medicine. The degrees that are considered for graduate entry into Medicine are:

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (including double degrees)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science (including double degrees and dependent on the completion of designated units)
  • Or a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Gippsland Partnership Program) from Federation University.

In short, at least 70% of the available places in the Graduate Entry Medicine program are reserved for students who have completed Monash University's Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Generally, only students who commence a first year undergraduate Biomedical Science degree at Monash University will be considered eligible for entry via this pathway into Graduate Entry Medicine at Monash University. Read more...

Email MedEntry to discuss further details about the MMI structure and MMI styles of the interview questions for Monash University. 

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