University of Notre Dame Australia

Sydney (NSW), Australia

  • Doctor of Medicine - Assured pathway (NSW Campus Only)

  • Doctor of Medicine - Graduate entry

Assured pathway

Assured pathway is through the Bachelor of Biomedical Science or the Bachelor of Advanced Biomedical Science (Honours) at the NSW campus only. 

Entry requirements:

  • Minimum University Admission Requirements
  • Prescribed ATAR score or International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Successful completion of UCAT which will be ranked by UNDA to determine interview
  • Interview

No Adjustment Factors are available for this Program.

No Advanced Standing is available for this program as it is targeted to school leavers or recent school leavers who have completed secondary studies within one year of application.

Applications for Bachelor of Biomedical Science, as an assured pathway into medicine, will be via UAC, where you can preference The University of Notre Dame.

Students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in each semester in their undergraduate degree in order to be eligible for the Doctor of Medicine (NSW) program.

Graduate Entry

Priority Pathway

Students studying Bachelor of Biomedical Science in either the Sydney or Fremantle UNDA campuses who consistently receive top results throughout their undergraduate degree will have a priority pathway over applicants. Criteria will be advertised by the university annually but will typically require students to meet:

  • a prescribed minimum requirement GPA
  • a minimum GAMSAT score
  • Casper (online situational judgement test) testing
  • and an interview

Applicants must have been on an ATAR track.

General Entry

Similar to the priority pathway but is open to anyone with at least a Bachelor's Award received within the previous 10 years.

Graduate entry applications through GEMSAS.

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